Irash Satva Yoga - The Yoga of Abundance


When: on Saturdays, at 10 AM and Mondays, at 7:15 PM
For more info call 773-732-8151

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Yoga is acknowledged as both spiritual and physical discipline which is one of the most effective development tools ever created. Irash Satva Yoga, kept by the Angelic Kingdom since the dawn of existence, is the ancient parent of later forms of bodily yogas enhanced by incorporating the alchemies of sound and frequency. Almine received this gift from the angels in December 2009 to clear discord within humanity by removing toxins and calcifications caused by the beliefs of mind.
Human’s physical form in its original state was meant to be self-purifying, self-regenerating and self-transfiguring. The body holds 144 points that, when fully opened, act as gateways for the resources of the Infinite. Through pristine living and total surrender, it was possible to open gates in the body that would allow to sustain life indefinitely.

In most humans, these points contain debris from programming, resistance to life and the belief systems generated by an illusory reality. The main goal of Irash Satva Yoga is to allow the 144 cardinal gates in the mind and body to open and be cleansed of their dross and debris, connecting the practitioner to the abundance of the Eternal Supply.

The Practices

Every class starts with a powerful meditation internalizing the concept of abundant life.  It will be followed by an hour and a half of physical yoga. You don't need to be athletically active to practice it. The class will end with one more meditation.

You will learn 26 stretching, tapping and pressure postures that are combined with breathing technique and new sound elixirs from the Mystical Kingdoms.  

The term 'elixir' when applied to music indicates that the alchemical knowledge of the potencies of frequencies has been applied to produce sound healing. The elixirs facilitate the removal of toxins; the first 12 from the masculine, pro-active gateways and the last 12 from the feminine, receptive ones. They are catalysts for stimulating the blood and lymph flow and liver function.

Breathing technique releases both the debris of past life experience and birth trauma, a major contributory factor to blockage in the cardinal gates.


In the time of the dream, when form began,
Self-sustenance was part of existence.
Eternal resources entered the body through gates.
When the gates became blocked, polarity became a substitute energy source.
In the Yoga of Oneness shall they open to the Eternal Supply.