For the last 28 years I have been practicing various healing modalities, first dealing with my own health issues, and then helping others. As a result, I am in better health now than when I was 18 and I am not going to get any older.

As I advanced on my path, my techniques kept changing.

In 2007 I was introduced to Almine's teachings and immediately felt the immense power of Belvaspata. This was a life-changing moment for me and since then healing became my full time job. My practice has become a combination of various cutting edge healing modalities. Over the years, I developed my own techniques and the range of my power tools constantly grows.

The new techniques were received as a response to the major changes in cosmic laws. In 2006 Humanity entered the new cycle of existence, a time of creating through the heart. That’s why the previous healing modalities became less effective. And that’s why we were given Belvaspata, the Healing of the Heart. It utilizes the law of resonance and heals with very high vibrations of light and frequency. It is my major tool now.

I offer the Healing Sessions that usually are a combination of several advanced tools and techniques. They can be conducted in person, over the phone, or remotely. Feel free to call or email me if you need my help.

Here is a list of techniques I currently use, with their brief descriptions. 
  • Belvaspata - Healing of the Heart (releases patterns of emotional/mental/physical blockages; resolves chronic and acute health issues restoring the perfection
  • Kaanish Belvaspata (enlightenment, enhancing of consciousness, changing life circumstances and relationships by changing perception
  • Aravespi Stra-Unat (dissolving 144 illusions
  • Braamish Ananu Belvaspata (new potent modality for installing the highest emotional field)
  • Belvaspata of the Song of the Self (healing of the bodily inflammation by resolving internal emotional conflicts)
  • Healing of the Reproductive System through Belvaspata (restores the intuitive nature
  • Five Months Program in Healing Chronic and Systemic Disease (Belvaspata in conjunction with Homeopathic Remedies
  • Toltec Nagual (healing of:13 Joints, 12 Internal Organs, 9 Primary Body Fluids, 8 Primary Fluid Ducts, 15 Major Muscle Groups Healing - Tissue Clearing
  • Belvaspata of Oneness (promotes healing of complicated conditions by bringing back to the present time the organs left behind on the energy level)
  • Light and Alchemical Equations (physical health, situation
  • Creation of Sacred Essences (for healing health issues and situational issues
  • Qi Vesta (breathing life into manifestation; replaces Tarot cards
  • Hakulit (spiritual counseling, creating individual sigils for personal manifestation

I combine various modalities to the greatest benefit of my patients, assisting them on their journey to wellbeing, self-discovery and enlightenment.


With my college degree in dietology, I also offer health and nutritional consulting. I am knowledgeable about herbal medicine and have been working with Sunrider products for 19 years now. Some of Almine’s techniques work best in conjunction with diet and lifestyle changes. Helping clients to make these changes is my area of expertise.

I teach the Yogas of Illumination that came through Almine. The three bodies of Yoga are Irash Satva Yoga, Shrihat Satva Yoga and Saradesi Satva Yoga. They allow to release the emotional and mental blocks including the past lives baggage and rejuvenate the body. A lot of my Belvaspata patients started practicing these healing yogas. I also offer classes for those who would like to practice them individually, or work as yoga group trainers.

Teaching Belvaspata has become a great part of my work. I teach anybody, who is ready to empower himself and help Humanity on the path of Enlightenment.

I offer certification classes in Russian and in English: 
  • Preparation for Belvaspata Initiation
      - Individual classes
      - Group classes
      - Distance learning classes  
  • Belvaspata Initiation and Self-Initiation with the Grand Master 
  • Classes for Belvaspata Practitioners on advanced Healing Modalities
Listen to your heart and, if this information resonates with you, email or call me. I am always available for a free 15 minutes consultation.
1 (773) 732 8151
Skype ID: lucy5757