My name is Elena Nanos and I have been attending Lucya's yoga classes for about 2 years.  I am IT Infrastructure Systems Architect and was invited by IBM to present at IMPACT 2013 conference in Las Vegas, which had over 8,500 people, with 1,000 + sessions to choose from.  I have presented at the conferences before, but was a little worried going there.  I have asked Lucya to put together for me a personal mediation for success, so that I can listen to it at the conference.  I did listen to it every day before I presented on day 3 of the conference.  The night before I had to present I got very troubling news from home that my 26 yrs old daughter got in the accident and was in emergency room with concussion and broken shoulder. I was in total shock, but somehow managed to pull my self together and present next day, getting highest rating possible, as a speaker.  I even had an attendee come to me saying that this was the best session he attended at this conference.  

My success did not stop there.  I have been writing professionally for past 10 years and I found out right after conference trip that my latest article #27 titled "Build Your Private Cloud With PaaS Using Linux on System z" in coming out on the COVER of Enterprise Tech Journal June/July issue  - http://enterprisesystemsmedia.com/magazines/enterprise-tech-journal.  This is huge honor, because usually only  CEO or CIO get their story published on the cover.

Another initiative I am successfully working on is leading a local IT User Group, where we have increased membership by 60 people + since I took it over 2 months go and we have big event planed next week, with many speakers from all over the country, coming to present.  See http://www.websphereusergroup.org/chicagonw/ 

Also lastly, but definitely not least, I have energy and desire now to follow my dream to establish my own charity organization to help orphaned children in need.  I have created recently an organization called "Guardian Hand for Children In Need' and working on establishing nonprofit status. See our Website for details - http://www.GuardianHand.org/ Please join if you are interested to help.  I created a group for this on my Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/505456392854060/.

Thank you Lucya, for all your help and for sharing your wonderful energy and spirit with others.

Sincerely, Lena.

I contacted Lucy for clearing. I laid in British Columbia on my table, and Lucy in the States. I felt her all around me as she did Belvaspata. I could feel the many Angels that came in to aide us on this clearing. I felt that I was taken off the grid with all of the old energies. It was a life changing moment for me. Thank you my friend. The world is honored by your gifts.
Deanna Parsley

Due to a chronic disease I have tried many therapies, medication and diets, but none did really improve my health situation in a positive way on a longer term. As I was searching for new answers, the healing modality Belvaspata came on my way. I felt very attracted to experience the healings powers of the Angels through their immense love and their elimination of illusions that cause disease. I asked strongly inside to find a therapist that could help me to really improve my health, and I was led to Lucy. Immediately the contact felt right, and I was so happy! And I still am... From the beginning Lucy has told me that she would help me to recover and become healthy again, though I was the one who would do it. She made me very confident to create my own perfect life, and I know now that this is the first basic rule for healing to receive and to let it happen. For 3 months I have been undergoing healings every week, and they are changing my life. My body is recovering again, and the chronic inflammation and diarrhea is getting less and less. Besides the Belvaspata healings Lucy has taught me some tools to maintain my energy field, and these have actually become life saving. I realized that my energy field was too unprotected to energies that were not mine, and this was energy draining and obstructing healing in every way. In these last three months I have received so much more from Lucy than I could ever imagine... Besides the weekly healings, Lucy is checking on me every day and maintaining the healing every day through a special program for at least 6 months. I am moving now towards a physical healthy body and life, in which I know all my dreams will come true. For I am the one who creates my Life, with the great help of others and the universe.

I thank you Lucy, for all the great gifts of healing and insights you have given me, for which I can never repay you... And I would like to thank Almine with all my love and gratitude, for bringing Belvaspata into this world and for receiving the great blessings of the Angels.
With all my love,
Else Huisman
The Netherlands

After few sessions with Lucy it seems like everything is falling into place, things, thoughts and events are starting to make sense. Mind is clearing up and the bigger picture is coming to the surface and becoming more visible. Even my kids who are 18 & 20 were very exited after sessions with Lucy, claiming that they've obtained better understanding of what is going on in their lives and their further direction. I would strongly recommend to everybody: if there is a problem in your life (who doesn't have any?), if some fear is holding you back or if you are just not sure which turn to take, - do not wait. Just call her and get the help. The help is there!!!
Thank you, Lucy
Elina Bampi

What can I say about Lucy?! I am grateful to her beyond all measure for so many gifts I received from her. Grateful for learning to live without worries and fears. Grateful for learning to live intuitively, listening to my heart as a primary source of my truth. Grateful for improved health, relationships and peace of mind. 

I have been her client, student and friend for a few years. Love her healing sessions and yoga classes. To me, being in one, is like being in a sacred higher dimensional temple. I am grateful to her for teaching me the healing modality of Belvaspata. I use it almost daily to help myself and my family. Without Lucy's guidance, intuition, and vast experience with clients, I could not figure out how to use Belvaspata. Almine's books, for me, are not the easiest to decipher. 

Lucy is such a generous teacher and healer who gives so much of her Light, Wisdom and Knowledge in every communication with a client or student, committed to empowering everyone to become self-sufficient.

I met Lucy at a very difficult stage of my life when I needed help. I went through a bad divorce, I had problems at work and then I lost my job. I felt depressed, lost and upset and did not know what to do with my life. I had several occasional sessions with Lucy that definitely helped me feel better emotionally and physically. Lucy also helped me understand that the physical symptoms that we might have at times, are the result of the changes in energy of the planet. I learned that I am sensitive to those changes and also open to change. She could help me and she did help me, but she told me that I am the one who ultimately can help myself. Lucy taught me many great tools and techniques that helped me get through difficult moments and gave me a chance to take my life in my own hands. She helped me get rid of the fears that bothered me and other things that were in the way of letting me lead a normal life. She taught me that I can have a better life if I keep positive attitude, use the tools and work with myself. It is definitely true. I started feeling better. I felt that I can control my life and change things the way I want to. I learned that I can become the master of my own life and feel good about myself, be confident and happy. I am the one who creates everything I want in life.

I also would like to share the experience of the effect Lucy had on my son. Lucy told me about the crystal children that came on the planet; how open they are and how sensitive to this world and that they come with the knowledge that we don’t have. I learned that my son is one of those crystal children. My son suffered from asthma symptoms since he was a baby. I brought my son to see Lucy for a couple of sessions. What I learned was amazing. My son saw everything that Lucy sees and is capable of doing some of the things like healing himself if he does not feel well. One of the things I learned is that my son did not really have asthma. His lung problems were his reaction to the change in energy of the planet. The interesting thing is that my son started opening up to me and told me about the Angels and the connection he has with them. He sees different dimensions. He talks to little people who are connected with Angels. They are called the ‘Whiz Kids’.

‘‘When I was lying on the bed, I thought about the Whiz kids and the Angels and the bright things. I saw different colors like red, purple, pink, yellow and orange. I talked to the Angels and they helped me feel better’’. My son lives in these dimensions and talks to Whiz Kids.

These crystal children like my son are full of knowledge and are helping us, adults, to learn the things that we don’t know.
Marina and Daniel